Adad, The exclusive advertising platform for Cafebazaar apps

Easily embed ads into your app

You can easily monetize your app using a few simple lines of code. Currently, there are many Android and iOS applications using Adad to publish ads and make money. Your app could be the next one.

Create a great user experience using interstitial ads

If you are not satisfied with banner ads affecting your app layout, then interstitial ads are right for you. Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that are usually shown between activities of an app and are very appropriate for games.

Integrate while you are developing your app

While your app is under development and is not published yet, you can still integrate Adad advertisements into your app. To do so, you can simply register your app and use Adad test ads to ensure that you have done the implementation process correctly. We will deliver ads to your app right after it is published in Bazaar.

Doesn't matter which platform you are using

Adad client is available for both Android and iOS. If you have developed your app using Unity or Basic4Android, you can also benefit from Adad plugins for these platforms. We are working on making plugins to support other platforms as well.

Check your revenue in real time

Soon after your app is published in Bazaar, ads will start to be distributed in your app and you will be able to watch your revenue in real time. By each click of your users on ads, the money will be credited to your Adad account.

Automatically receive your revenue

At 20th of each Iranian month, your credits will be automatically settled and transferred to your account in less than three working days. Adad supports all bank accounts connected to Iran's inter-banking system (SHAPARAK). If you are not residing in Iran, you can contact us for alternative ways.

More information about revenue sharing in Adad

Easily turn your app into a consistent revenue


Register your app

Sign into Adad with your Google, Yahoo or Cafebazaar account. You do not need to create any account.


Embed Adad client

Download the latest version of Adad client and embed it in your app using the manual.


Earn your revenue

After publishing your app in Cafebazaar, earn your revenue every month.