Publishers' FAQ

Currently alongside the native apps in android and iOS, Adad supports apps written with Basic4Android and unity for android.
The minimum cost of each click is 300 Rials for Advertisers, however it automatically increases thanks to our bidding pricing system. Your share is 70% of total earned amount.
You can enable automatic settlement feature in your account settings. Settlements will be processed at the 20th day of each Iranian (Jalali) month.
The whole amount belongs to you and Adad’s share has been previously deducted.
In version 2.6+ of Adad clinet, you can pause showing ads temporarily or permanently at runtime.
No, unfortunately that is not possible right now.
Please be sure that your device is connected to the internet and you have declared Internet access in your application manifest. Also make sure that the package name is exactly what you have registered in the system and also you have used the same token you have received from the website. You can also debug your codes via sample codes provided in your panel.
If you do not publish your application in Cafe Bazaar after a month from registering it in Adad, your medium will be automatically removed from Adad.