Privacy Policy in Adad

We respect your privacy and protect it seriously. Here, we explain what information we may gather from you and how we may keep or use them. Should you have any further concerns on this matter, please feel free to contact us.

Information gathered from Adad website

In this section, we focus on types on information gathered from advertisers or publishers while they are using Adad website.

  • Email Address: Your email address is only used to uniquely identify you when signing up or signing into the system and may be used to send system notifications upon your approval. We will not use your email address in any other ways and will not share it with other companies or organizations.
  • Phone Number: We may keep your phone number upon your own approval to send SMS notifications and will not share it with any other companies or organisations.
  • IP Address: We may temporarily keep your IP address for short periods of time and for the sake of security. These information is kept in order to prevent fraud activities and will not have any other usage for us.

Information gathered from mobile phones

In this section, we focus on information gathered from users mobile phone in order to be able to distribute more relevant ads to them. We sent these information to our servers while they are using Android or iOS apps in which Adad ads are embedded. These information are used for statistical purposes and are not kept on our servers for a long time. Besides, it is not possible to use these information to identify or track specific individuals or extract information about them. All the information we gather are:

  • Device Information: Device model, device manufacturer, screen resolution and density.
  • Operating System Information: operating system name, version and language.
  • Geographical Region: Imprecise geographical location of users.
  • Connectivity Type: Internet connection type, state of data and wireless networks, SIM operator name, state of Bazaar app installed on the device.