You Can Start With 300 Rials Per Click

You don't need to pay anything when your ad is being shown

You will be charged only for clicks on your ads

Do you run a large business?

We are using a nice bidding model as our pricing strategy. The more you are willing to pay for each click or the more people click on your ad, the more we display your ad to users. Therefore, you can increase the price of your clicks to allocate a higher percentage of our traffic to your campaign and expand your audience network.

Is your business still small?

You can simply start running your campaign with 500,000 Rials. We will distribute your ad to hundreds of thousands of users for this small budget.

Are you an app developer?

You can promote your app in Adad. If your app is not free, we will distribute your ad only to those users having Bazaar installed on their devices, logged into their Bazaar account and ready to buy your app.


We help you to spend your advertisement budget efficiently


Adad uses a smart bidding system to price the ads. You will specify the maximum price you are willing to pay for each click on your ad. The engine will compute a quality score of your ad based on the specified bid and also based on how attractive your ad is to users. The higher quality score among ads, will get a more part of our traffic and will be distributed to users at a higher speed. Moreover, in more popular targeting areas such as larger cities or during Internet rush hours, those ads with higher quality score have a higher chance of being distributed to users.


When you increase your bid to make your ad run at a higher speed, you may choose a higher bid than needed and waste your budget. To avoid this, we compute the price of each click on your ad based on second-price auction strategy. Having all ads in our network sorted by their quality scores, you will pay the minimum price for which you would still have a greater quality score than the next ad with the lower quality score. In other words, if you choose a bid price higher than required, you still pay the lower possible price that still keeps you more qualified than other advertisers in the system, allowing you to higher your bid without worrying about expending more than needed.


Ads with higher quality scores will run at higher speeds and will be distributed in more popular targeting areas. Quality scores of ads will be assigned to them based on the following factors:

  • Bid price: The higher bid you choose for your ad, the higher quality score will be assigned to it.
  • User receptions: The more users are willing to click on your ad, the higher quality score it can reach. We measure this by defining "clickthrough" rate for ads, which is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of times the ad has been displayed.