Reach your desired audience with Adad

Geographical Locations

You can make your ad being distributed only in one or more provinces. Also, you can run special ads for each of your key target provinces to highly interest users.

Hours of the Day

Specify at what time of the day you want your ad to be distributed. Moreover, you can pause or resume your ad whenever you want.

App Categories

You can specify categories of apps in which you want your ad to be displayed, so that you can target towards more relevant users.


Interactive Ads

Unlike traditional advertisement on billboards and telecommunication media, target users will be redirected to your website or social pages immediately after clicking on your ad.

Real-time Statistics

You can see total number of users which have seen your ad on their smart phones and also the number of users who have clicked on your ad.

Effective Costs

Unlike the traditional advertising media charging you for distributing your ad to users no matter if it is of their interest, here in Adad you will be charged only for those users who will be redirected to your website.

Various Ad Types

Simply create your ad by entering minimal phrases or upload a graphical banner, or even animated GIFs.

Click Fraud Detection

If someone clicks on your ad multiple times in a short period of time, you will be charged only for the first click, even though the user will be redirected to your website every time.

Free Consultancy

If you need any help to increase your campaign influence, please contact us. Our consultants are always ready to guide you through making your campaigns more effective.


We have earned the trust of many brands, including these companies


Bartarinha News Magazine

Bartarinha is a series of magazines with different topics owned by Bartarinha News Portal. It began to make professional and well-planned use of Adad platform since late 2013 and has run more than 30 targeted advertising campaigns up to now. It managed to acquire more than 500,000 users in less than two months and has sustained its position as one of the most installed Iranian apps.

Rightel Recharging App

Using Adad as its main advertisement platform, Sooren System Sharif Co. has accomplished to target users of Rightel mobile operator and gain a significantly large user base by spending a reasonable budget in a short period of time and turn into a very popular app in that area.

Nabze Bazaar

Nabze Bazaar is a competitive and user-friendly app which enables the users to keep track of updates in gold price and currencies or check the price of various devices such as smart phones, cameras and laptops. It has succeeded in monetizing its large user base into a consistent revenue using Adad. It has been one of our largest publishers in recent years.

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