Smart advertisement is the difference that makes us unique

Geographical Locations

You can make your ad being distributed only in one or more provinces. Also, you can run special ads for each of your key target provinces to highly interest users.

Hours of the Day

Specify at what time of the day you want your ad to be distributed. Moreover, you can pause or resume your ad whenever you want.

App Categories

You can specify categories of apps in which you want your ad to be displayed, so that you can target towards more relevant users.

Mobile Operators

You can specify users of which mobile operators are subject of your advertisement campaign to target more relevant users. You can choose one or more mobile operators among major Iranian operators: Irancell, MCI and Rightel.

Connectivity Type

You can limit your ad to those using your desired connection type on their phones, namely data connection or wireless. Moreover, you can choose your target audience based on their internet service providers such as Parsonline, Shatel, Afranet, etc.

Mobile Phone Brand

You can make your ad being shown to users of one or more smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony or Huawei.

Bring users to your website

Users do not need to remember your website address or telephone number when they see your ads. You can design your ad in a way that they automatically get redirected to your website in their mobile web browsers or be suggested to call you directly from their phones. Moreover, you can point users to open your instagram page, discover your app in Cafebazaar or App Store, see your post in Divar or listen to your desired music album in Beeptunes after clicking on your ad.

Don't worry about duplicate fraud clicks

We use various methods and complex algorithms to detect duplicate clicks and prevent them from being saved. Therefore, whenever somebody clicked on your ad several times, you will not be charged for the duplicate clicks and click frauds, although the user will be redirected to your website.

Follow the real time statistics of your campaign

Once you start running your campaign, you will be able to watch your ad statistics in real time, including number of times your ad displayed to users, number of hits on your ad and its distribution speed. Also, you can pause, resume or modify your ad whenever you want in order to improve your campaign performance.

Use our free consultancy service to optimize your campaign

If you are interested in running your first advertisement campaign in Adad but you are not sure about its performance, feel free to use our free advertising consultancy service. Just contact us to make our staff get involved within the situation.

Reduce your advertisement costs

Using Adad, you can avoid excessive advertisement costs on outdoor billboards and traditional media. Here, with our click-based pricing, you will not be charged for the sake of your ad being displayed to users but when users are redirected to your website. You just pay for those users who are interested in your product and click on your ads.

We support different types of ad contents

You can quickly create your first ad by entering some simple phrases, or you can design and upload your graphical banner to make a better impression on users. If it is not enough, you can use animated GIF banners to deliver more content to users.

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